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Taipei Grand Trail Brand Story

Taipei Grand Trail Brand Story

Taipei Grand Trail Brand Story 

 Since 2018, the Taipei City Government has been promoting the “Taipei Grand Trail”, a 92-kilometer long-distance urban hiking trail divided into seven sections, each of which can be completed in one day,Taipei Grand Trail starts from the Guandu MRT station in the north and ending at the backside of the Maokong,the rear mountain of National Chengchi University in the south, with one-third of the trail passing through Yangmingshan National Park. The trail connects all the famous mountains and scenic spots in Taipei, including the volcanic landscape of Mount Tatun, the highest peak of Qixing Mountain in Taipei at 1,120 meters altitude, the Bamboo Lake Calla Lilly Season as well as Hydrangea Flowers Season, the handicraft trail at Shuangxi groove, the campground at Bishanyan, strawberries at Baishihu, the “Old Place” at Yuanshan to watch the takeoff and landing of planes, the tea tasting at Maokong, and million-dollar night views of 101 on the SIHSHOUSHAN(四獸山). Combining scattered tourist resources into a healthy leisure, industry activation, self-challenge, and self-confidence building experience, the trail cultivates a route which facilitates “Hiking on the Top, Spending on the Bottom.”

 The challenge of the Taipei Grand Trail, which will not only provide physical and mental training, but also allows people to feel the charm of Taipei’s mountains and forests and this glorious city from different perspectives.since 2021, in addition to the 92-kilometer Taipei Grand Trail, the Taipei Grand Trail will also be include a bicycle path along the riverfront (from MRT Taipei Zoo Station to MRT Guandu Station) to form a 130-kilometer green belt (mountain path) and a blue belt (riverfront) that circles Taipei. In addition, the Taipei Grand Trail is accessible by MRT, bus, ubike and the Maokong Gondola, making it easy for people to get close to nature. You can start your own journey and open the ‘Health Gateway’ whenever you want.

Taipei Grand Trail LOGO Introduction 

 Taipei has always been giving people the impression of a concrete jungle, but many of our friends have found that they can reacquaint themselves with the land they live in from a different perspective after taking a trip on the Taipei Grand Trail. As it turns out, the natural beauty has never left us, but it is just too convenient to ignore its goodness.

 The Taipei Grand Trail offers a view combining a volcano and a sea of flowers in the same frame. As the seasons change, you can enjoy flowers, miscanthus, butterflies, tea and strawberries, cattle in the grasslands, a forest of Cryptomeria, and a night view of the Taipei 101, etc. You can start your journey anytime you want, by bus, MRT, bicycle, or even on foot.

 The Taipei Grand Trail is the first long-distance trail in the capital city. Some people often ask that why we walk? we walk to challenge ourselves, we walk to be healthy, we walk to see the beautiful scenery, and we walk to understand our worries; yet we think that we don’t need so many reasons. Just put it on your list of challenges in life, and you will have the answer after walking. Just walk! Walking the trails is just cool!