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2023 - Taipei Grand Trail “Experience Nature, Hike and Ride” Certification

2023 - Taipei Grand Trail “Experience Nature, Hike and Ride” Certification  

1.Event Details::

We are excited to invite you to join our Hike and Ride certification, which aims to promote and popularize the beautiful Taipei Grand Trail while encouraging hiking and healthy lifestyle choices. 。

2.Trail Map Download: https://reurl.cc/43zAMj

3.Event Website: https://taipeigrandtrailen.gov.taipei/

4.Event Period:Mark your calendars from March 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, for the chance to participate in the event and redeem prizes until January 15, 2024.

5.Event Tasks and Prize Redemption::



1.    Using the "Hiking Notes App," collect gemstones along the trail to earn your certificate.

2.    Complete the task twice to earn an additional certificate.

Each completion awards:

1st Completion: A Taipei Grand Trail Completion Certificate, a towel, and a Bandana.

2nd Completion: A Taipei Grand Trail 2nd Completion Certificate and a special gift


For those without a phone or not using the app, you may still participate in the treasure hunt by taking a photo with any of the 16 gemstone signs on the trail. Simply follow the example below to make a photo collage, and you will receive a certificate and a towel as a reward.

Note: Participants are only eligible to complete this task once, and duplicate claims for the certificate and towel will not be honored.

A Taipei Grand Trail certificate and one commemorative towel.

Task One: During the event period, use the "Hiking Notes App" to collect all gemstones on the Taipei Grand Trail. If you experience any issues, contact the Hiking Notes Facebook page or email for assistance. Upon completion, enter your name to receive a certificate and a serial number (as shown in the example) 

By participating, you agree to allow the Geotechnical Engineering Office to use your data for promotional purposes.

(2) Task Two: Participants without a phone or not using the app must take a photo with any of the 16 gemstone signs and combine them into one picture((as shown in the example and tutorial).)。By completing the task, you agree to authorize the photo for promotional use by the Geotechnical Engineering Office free of charge.。 

(3) Year-End Lucky Draw: The event prepares various prizes. After the event, lucky winners from Task One and Task Two will be selected and announced, and the awards will be sent separately.

※After completing each gemstone collection stage in Task One, the next phase will be available for unlimited collection.。

※Participants can only complete Task Two's photo task once and receive one certificate and a towel.

※Individuals who complete both Task One (first completion) and Task Two can only receive the award from Task One.

※The organizer reserves the right to modify, change, interpret, and cancel the event. The website will announce any updates, and participants will not be notified separately.

6. Redemption: The deadline for redemption is January 15, 2024, and no exchanges will be made after the expiration date.

Participants can redeem their awards in person or by proxy. Please bring the certificate photo or system certification information and each participant's identity documents (copy) to the office during office hours (8:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:30). 

To streamline the redemption process, completing all tasks before redeeming the awards in our office is recommended. We appreciate your cooperation.  

Locations of the Gemstone Signs for Task 2
RoutesLocation 1Location 2
Route 1

Ecological pondPond of Erziping Trail

Beside “Liu An Hua Ming You Yi Cun (Literally Past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village)),” Information Board

Zhongyishan Hiking Trail Entrance
Route 2
Mount Datun Air Navigation Station Lookout

Dinghu Calla Lily Trail

(Approx.From the Shuiwei Balaka Trail direction sign, it is approximately 800 meters towardtowards the Happiness Bell Ring Lookout from direction sign of Shuiwei Balaka Trail).)

Route 3Program pillar marking of Mount Qixing Main Peak
Central Trail of Qingtiangang Grassland
Route 4Baishihu Suspension Bridge
Information board before Yuanjue Falls
Route 5Program pillar marking of Plane-Spotting Platform
Wenjian Mountain Platform
Route 6Program pillar marking of Jiuwu Peak
Horseshoe-Shaped Lookout
Route 7Zhinan Temple Maokong Hiking Trail (next to Zhongnan Pavilion)
Zhangshu Trail (adjacent to Caiyun Pavilion)
Route 8
Section 8-Shezidao Wetlands Bike Path (between Information Hut and Shezi Bridge Basketball Court)  
Aircraft-Image Statue in the Machangting Memorial Park.
  • Task Two: Example of taking photos with the gemstone Signs at 16 designated locations

Example of using a smartphone or camera to take pictures with the 16 gemstone signs and combine them into one photo./001/Upload/785/relpic/57400/8456087/bb74fec9-3947-4f70-8ef8-ce6d20510c95.jpg

Task One: Example of Completing the Entire Trail and Obtaining the Completion Certificate using the "Hiking Notes App"
Certificate for 1st Completion
Badge for 1st Completion
Certificate for 2nd Completion
Certificate for 2nd Completion

Download Trail Map
Event WebsiteURL


Download Links for “Hiking Note App”URL
Taipei Grand Trail Towel
Taipei Grand Trail Bandana


Route1MRT Guandu Station→Zhongyishan Hiking Trail Entrance (Feng Dan Bai Lu)→Tuoyin Pavilion of Guizikeng Trail →Qingtian Temple→Miantianping Pavilion→Erziping Visitor Center
~ 13 kilometers
Route2(Erziping Visitor Center)→Miantianping Pavilion→Mount Datun West Peak→Mount Datun South Peak→Mount Datun Lookout→Xiaoyoukeng Visitor Center

~ 12 kilometers

(Cumulative 25 km)

Route3Xiaoyoukeng Visitor Center→Mount Qixing Main Peak→Mount Qixing East Peak→Lengshuikeng Visitor Center→Qingtiangang Visitor Center→Fengguikou

~ 13 kilometers

(Cumulative 38 km)

Route4Fengguikou →Shuangxigou Historic Trail (Wanxi Mountainous Roads)→Bishan Rd.→Yuanjue Temple→Yuanjue Waterfalls→Dagou Creek Water Treatment Park→MRT Dahu Park Station→(take Bus route 620 or walk: Sec. 5, Chenggong Rd.→Sec. 3, Kangning Rd.→Nanhu Bridge→Jingmao 2nd Rd.→MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Station→Sec. 2, Academia Rd.)→China University of Science and Technology

~ 18 kilometers

(Cumulative 56 km)


Route 5


Branch Line

MRT Jiantan Station→Plane-Spotting Platform→Triangulation Point of Wenjian Mountain→Taipei Koxinga Temple Trail→Jinlong Industry Road→Zhongyongshan Trail→Bishanyan

~ 12 kilometers

(Cumulative 68 km)

Route6China University of Science and Technology Trail Entrance→Jiuwu Peak→Tiaomi Historic Temple→Anlu Temple, Zhongzhengling→World Villa [Ln. 66, Sec. 4, Heping E. Rd.]→Mount Jungong→Mount Zhongbu→Fuyang Eco Park→MRT Linguang Station

~ 11 kilometers

(Cumulative 79 km)

Route7(MRT Linguang Station→Fuyang Eco Park)→World Villa [Ln. 66, Sec. 4, Heping E. Rd.]→Sec. 4, Heping E. Rd.→Wanshou Bridge→Zhinan Temple Maokong Hiking Trail→Luguang Platform, Zhinan Temple] →Dacheng Temple Trail→Tea Exhibition Center Trail (Healthy Trail)→Maokong Gondola Maokong Station→Caiyun Pavilion, Zhangshu Trail→Dragon Trail (at back mountains of NCCU)

~ 13 kilometers

(Cumulative 92 km)

Route8MRT Taipei Zoo Station→Wanshou Bridge→Guting Riverside Park→Machangting Memorial Park→Huajiang Wild Duck Natural Park→Dadaocheng Pier→Fu’an Riverside Park→Fuzhou Riverside Park→Shezi Daotou Park→Shezi Bridge→Guandu Nature Park→MRT Guandu Station Extended Route: MRT Jiantan Station→Bailing Right Bank Riverside Park→Heshuang No. 21 Riverside Park→Guandu Nature Park→MRT Guandu Station

~ 38 kilometers

(Cumulative 130 km)

by Bike