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Q&A on the Taipei Grand Trail Website


1Is it possible to exchange the certificate and prizes by mail?We currently do not offer a mail exchange service. Participants can only redeem their awards in person or by proxy.
2How can relatives or friends collect them on behalf of participants? What documents are required?To redeem the award, please present either the virtual certificate provided by the Hiking Notes App or a composite photo with the gemstone signs along with the participant's identification (original, copy, electronic file, or picture).
3When and where can the awards be redeemed?Redemption hours are from 8:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:30, Monday to Friday (closed on national holidays), at Road and Trail Section, 3rd floor, No. 300 Songde Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City.
4If the redemption period and deadline of the event differ, which one should be followed?Please redeem the awards before the deadline (January 15th, 2024).
5What is the contact channel for any other questions related to the Taipei Grand Trail?For more information, please visit the Taipei Grand Trail Facebook page [Link]


[Task 1-Collect gemstones using the Hiking Note App]

1Is redoing the entire trail necessary if the Hiking Notes App does not record the track or if some gemstones are missed?You can provide relevant supporting records and visit the Hiking Note’s Facebook page for gemstone re-issuance. [Link]
2Is it possible to retrieve photos taken with the Hiking Notes App if they disappear?The photos taken during the "Task" will only exist on your phone and will not be recorded in the App's "My Photos" or "My Tracks."
3Can the Hiking Notes App still collect gemstones if some trails are closed during the event?If there is a closed section of the route, the gemstones will be moved, and information about the closure and alternative routes will be announced.
4Do participants need to complete the entire gem collection of Task One before starting the second challenge?No, you don't need to. After completing each gemstone collection route, you can repeat the collection.
5Is following the specified direction for each trail route mandatory, or can participants start or end at different points?Yes, you may! Participants may make adjustments according to status!Yes, you can! People can adjust their starting and ending points as needed.
6Where can participants find answers to other questions related to the Hiking Notes App?[Link]




【Task 2-Taking a Photo with the Gemstone Sign】

1Will the task be affected if the gemstone signs are missing?If the gemstone sign is lost, it will not affect the task. You can notify us through the Taipei Grand Trail Facebook page. Alternatively, taking a photo with a sleeve that indicates Taipei Grand Trail will also be recognized and certified.
2Will the task be counted if a picture is taken with the landmark instead of the gemstone sign?It is still necessary to take a photo with the gemstone sign and the person simultaneously.
3What should be done if the trail markers are unclear, damaged, or the trail is unstable?You can report it to us through the Hiking Note App or the Taipei Grand Trail Facebook page.
4What are the 16 locations that correspond to the gemstone signs?The locations of the gemstone holding signs are as follows:
Route 1: besides “Liu An Hua Ming You Yi Cun (Literally Past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village)” Information Board at the ecological pond of Erziping Trail and Zhongyishan Hiking Trail Entrance.
Route 2: At Mount Datun Air Navigation Station Lookout and Dinghu Calla Lily Trail (Approx. 800 meters toward Happiness Bell Ring Lookout from the direction sign of Shuiwei Balaka Trail Entrance).
Route 3: At the Program pillar marking of Mount Qixing Main Peak and Central Trail of Qingtiangang Grassland.
Route 4: At Baishihu Suspension Bridge and the information board before Yuanjue Falls.
Route 5: At the Program pillar marking of Plane-Spotting Platform and Wenjian Mountain Platform.
Route 6: At the Program pillar marking of Jiuwu Peak and the Horseshoe-Shaped Lookout.
Route 7: At Zhinan Temple Maokong Hiking Trail (next to Zhongnan Pavilion) and the Zhangshu Trail (adjacent to Caiyun Pavilion).
Route 8: At Shezidao Wetlands Bike Path (between Information Hut and Shezi Bridge Basketball Court) and Aircraft-Image Statue in the Machangting Memorial Park.
Route Map:[[Link]]
5How can individuals without a Line, Facebook account, or smartphone prove completion of Task One and obtain a certificate via the Hiking Notes App?To complete Task One using the Hiking Note app, you need a mobile device with the app installed. You can complete Task Two, using a camera to take photos with gemstone signs, if you don’t have access to a mobile device.
6Is the Programevent held annually?Currently, the Taipei Grand Trail organizes different events every year.




1How can I obtain a map of the trail?Get a printed copy of the map at our office at No. 300, Songde Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City.
For an electronic file:Map Link
2What is the process for participating in the Taipei Grand Trail event?
ForThe 2023 iteration of the Taipei Grand Trail “Wandering About Taipei MountainsExperience Nature, Hike and Rivers through Hiking and Biking” organizedRide,” launched by the Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Taipei City Government, participants may finish hiking at the 8 designated sections of Taipei Grand Trailis an activity that allows people to complete the certification program. For Programprocess by themselves along the eight routes of the Taipei Grand Trail. For more information on the event dates and details, please visitrefer to the following link: [More Information]